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  • Carla and Jake Punshon

Hi everyone. We are Carla and Jake. You probably already know us. Or know of us. Or maybe you have no life and get your kicks out of reading the small obscure websites of people you don't know. No matter who you are, we think you will enjoy this site. We have tried to make it informative and interesting, although there are a lot of pictures of just us in different places. We try to do everything we do with enthusiasm, and we find that that goes a long way to making life more enjoyable. Sit back and enjoy what we have put together.

Contact Information

Email address: both(AT)punshon(DOT)ca
Web Address:
IRC Channel: #Trog on Efnet (If we're online, we're there)
MSN: xtrogx(AT)hotmail(DOT)com
Skype: xtrogx