Pangnirtung (Carla and Jake's excellent adventure)

11-25 June 1999

Our diary

What we took

What we ate

What we saw:

 Before  After  Plane  Outfitter  Ice
 Open water  Looking for Caribou  The Start   Overlord  First camp
 First camp  Arctic Circle  Inukshuk  Carla-back  Carla-front
 Delta  Jake-walking  Thor  Carla-eating  Tent-view
 I've fallen, and I can't get up  Jake-walking   Carla-pose  Thor  Carla-summit 
 Mountain  Carla-packing   Jake-delta   Carla-bridge  Bridge-view
 Penn people  Us-Thor  Jake-laundry  Us-tent  Tent-view
Mountains Pana best Overlord-close
Jake-walking on ice Mountains Overlord-far

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