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13 March 2005

version 6.11 March 2005

Everyone should see a substantial increase in speed since I moved the site to some servers in the south. Initial reports are encouraging.
No Cuba page - No, Fidel did not take my pictures, I just forgot to bring a battery charger.
Added Antarctica page - 129 pictures of the most fun you can have for 1000 dollars per day.


May 2004. 

We've been to China and Argentina this spring. Lots of frequent flyer miles. I managed to get the Argentina pictures up within 2 months of returning which is a new record, I think.
I've been playing with javascripts to make the photo's load faster. They aren't actually faster - the next picture loads while you are reading. Let me know if things seem better.
New feature - blog. We have been keeping a personal diary of our travels, but it is very time consuming, and we seem to send emails home to people telling them the same things anyway, so we decided to start a blog.
The blog will be updated while we are travelling, and sometimes when we aren't, giving recent news and information.  You can view it here, or access it from the main page.

Done in version 6.10 - May 2004
Added China Pictures
Added Argentina Pictures
Added Blog page

Done in version 6.9 - Jan 2004:
Added Bermuda pictures.
Updated the family/friends photos with newer pictures. Think you should be on there??? Send me a picture and wait a few months :)

Done in version 6.8:
New counter (the old, free one was going to start costing me money in July)
I put a date and a new version number on the main page so you can see if/when things have been updated
Updated a few things on the intro page, like a link to the wedding pictures.  
Travel page got a good going over.  I decided to get rid of the fancy mouseovers  in favour of a list down the side.  It is much easier to keep updated that way. 
Added a few people to the friends page.
Got the Panama pictures up.
Got the Tanzania pictures up.
Got the Peru/Galapagos pictures up.
Updated the proposed travels.
Misc changes to allow easier access to search engines