This is Jiri. It's at the end of the road, and is the starting point for the 'traditional' trek.  Most of the town caters to trekkers.  When we drove up in the van, we were surrounded by people offering us a place to stay.  Oren and Jake got out and looked around.  The first place we went into was pretty nice, and the price was 20 Nepal rupees per night.  Convert that into about 40 cents CDN or 28 cents US.  We couldn't believe how cheap it was.  We took the room, but after we got back to the van, people were offering rooms for 10 NR.  They want to to stay at their lodge so that you will buy food from them.  The only way they make money is by selling food.  The picture is taken from the balcony (yes we got a balcony for 40 cents a night) and is pointing towards the end of town where our hike starts.  That big hill covered with trees... the trail went over it :)

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