Sorry, Everest is just hidden by cloud in this picture.  We're at the Everest View Hotel, above Namche with Julie and Chris.  Mike is taking the picture.  We had planned to just have a drink when we got here, but once we saw the menu, it was like a Visa add... "can we afford not to?"  Carla had Chicken on a bed of rice.  I had fillet mignon, which was probably fillet migyak.  The rooms here cost $135 USD for the basic room.  It's extra if you want an oxygen bottle and even more if you want a pressurised room.  Yes, a pressurised room.  The hotel was built by the Japanese and caters mainly to Japanese tourists who fly as high as they can then get rushed to the hotel.  A very dangerous way to see Everest.  About an hour after we left the hotel, a friend saw 6 tourists being brought out.  They all had on their North Face expedition suits (the big puffy ones) and double boots.  They were all on oxygen.  They were walked around the hotel for 15 minutes, then taken back in.  I wonder what they thought about all the other tourists who were sitting around in shorts and T-shirts.

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