This is Namche Bazaar, the main town in the region.  It was huge compared to all the towns we had been in before.  It also had access to hydro electric power, so there was lots of electricity for a change (up until now, all we'd had was solar charged batteries that lasted a couple of hours in the evening to provide a little extra illumination while we ate).  In Namche there was enough power for an internet provider, pizza ovens and three or four bakeries. Every Saturday, there is a huge Market in the centre of town.  This picture was taken on a Friday, and you can already see people gathering.  Namche is on a trade route with Tibet ("just over them hills"), so there are a lot of Tibetan traders with their yaks full of wares.  Its quite a sight to see a train of 20 yaks piled high with everything from mattresses to shoes to rice to blankets. 

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