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Hi everyone.  We are Carla and Jake.  You probably already know us. Or know of us. Or maybe you have no life and get your kicks out of reading the small obscure websites of people you don't know.  No matter who you are, we think you will enjoy this site.  We have tried to make it informative and interesting, although there are a lot of pictures of just us in different places.  We try to do everything we do with enthusiasm, and we find that that goes a long way to making life more enjoyable.  If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us at the places listed at the bottom of the page, otherwise just sit back and enjoy what we have put together.

Thanks to Xearth  for the pic.

Well that is where we live... Rankin Inlet, Nunavut (right in the center (almost) of the map, where the big red dot is).  Nunavut is a new Territory in Canada's North.  It was created on April 1st, 1999.  See our new flag.  There are no roads nor trains to get up here.  If you want to visit, then you need to fly in.  Or you could come by boat in the short summer, although you'd have to row it yourself.  We live in a fairly nasty climate... far too nasty for trees to grow.  You can check out Rankin Inlet's weather right here.

Carla works for the Government of Nunavut, Department of Health and Social Services as a Purchasing Officer in the Finance Department.

Jake, sometimes known as Ken or 'Trog' to his online friends, works as a Flight Service Specialist (like an Air Traffic Controller, but at a smaller airport) for a company called Nav Canada.  See Jake at work

We finally got married on 02/02/02, after being together for years.  You can see our pictures here.

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Email address: punshon(AT)gmail(DOT)com

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IRC Channel: #Trog on Efnet (If we're online, we're there)

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